Professional Urgent Care Services
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Greg K.
22:03 04 Dec 20
Excellent and friendly service . Very happy that my doctor recommended Urgent Care Services for my covid test.
Brenda R.
23:47 30 Nov 20
Christi N.
22:42 30 Nov 20
Lucy G.
20:27 30 Nov 20
Maureen B.
16:49 29 Nov 20
Thomas J F.
13:58 28 Nov 20
Caring, good doctor, very professional, if you need urgent Care it might be the place to go.
randal C.
03:34 28 Nov 20
Amazing experience every step of the way. I needed a shot for poison ivy so my visit was simple. Friendly staff and I really liked the Dr. and Justin Webb. Both were very professional.
ruth A.
13:32 25 Nov 20
Professional, efficient
William B.
23:37 23 Nov 20
Laura A.
13:54 23 Nov 20
Very orderly office. Staff was very friendly and caring. I will definitely use them again.
lara V.
16:41 22 Nov 20
Doctor U is an excellent, caring physician.
Teddie C.
18:05 21 Nov 20
They are very helpful and professional here. Check-in was incredibly simple. They processed all the information given, and the test was administered quickly.
Hannah G.
14:58 20 Nov 20
Debbie E.
23:32 19 Nov 20
Testing was very fast. No lines. Very professional. Thank you
Casey N.
16:16 19 Nov 20
Ms. Jozelle J
00:08 19 Nov 20
Kelsey G.
22:57 18 Nov 20
Lore P.
15:49 16 Nov 20
Quick! Fill out forms by your phone. Dr. Justin comes out 2 swab u. Talked about other maladies. I'm going back 4 other care! Dr. Justin is FABULOUS!!!!
Rebecca L.
20:44 14 Nov 20
Sarah A.
19:37 14 Nov 20
They've always had my back when I needed it. Today, they got an earing which had slipped into my lobe out. The nurse practitioner was very professional, and even offered to get the M.A. to hold my hand, as I was nervous! The staff is always warm and welcoming and willing to help!
Kelly B.
14:09 11 Nov 20
Cindy P.
22:19 10 Nov 20
Diane M.
19:37 09 Nov 20
The visit could not have gone better. The NP was knowledgeable, personable .
Brandon V.
19:00 09 Nov 20
Great staff great services just felt bad that I couldn’t get my car up underneath the tan and he got rained on so sorry
Robert B.
14:57 07 Nov 20
David H.
19:23 06 Nov 20
Kristine K.
16:32 06 Nov 20
Online checking process amazing and drive through Covid testing simple, safe and easy!Staff was fantastic!
Kristen T.
09:18 06 Nov 20
Brenden C.
17:31 01 Nov 20
13:34 31 Oct 20
Very organized and very easy process.
Sheila M.
19:28 30 Oct 20
Nick S.
21:14 29 Oct 20
Very speedy, efficient, professional...I highly recommend.
Khara D.
17:13 29 Oct 20
Todd L.
12:52 26 Oct 20
Tony D.
12:50 26 Oct 20
COVID Test. Online portal quick and easy to set up account and appointment.
Zan M.
15:36 24 Oct 20
Quick and easy. Being able to fill out all my documents and upload photos of my insurance cards made everything move along quickly. Person that answered the phone was accommodating and the np that I dealt with was friendly.
Bryan B.
10:55 24 Oct 20
laurie J.
21:36 21 Oct 20
Staff and doctor are excellent. Kind and caring manners
Terri D.
15:15 21 Oct 20
David Silvia, S.
16:26 19 Oct 20
Debbie S.
15:17 19 Oct 20
Amy P.
15:02 15 Oct 20
Went for COVID test...quick, and very kind nurse. I'll probably use them again if necessary.
Michael M.
15:53 14 Oct 20
The nurse and staff are amazing. Fast, efficient processes and organized. Thanks for a great experience and will send referrals your way.
Zio L.
15:18 12 Oct 20
Patti B.
19:49 09 Oct 20
Norma E.
17:57 09 Oct 20
If you have any medical issues, this is the place to go. Very professional, friendly and knowledgeable. Going in with a stopped up ear, I can now hear thanks to the staff there. Prices are great too if you are uninsured.
13:40 09 Oct 20
Friendly staff, clean office and great self pay prices. I was in and out in about a half hour!! They knew I was self pay and didn't try to upsell or scam me. They even had prescriptions right there in the office for me to purchase. Great one stop Dr. Visit. Thank you!
leslie G.
18:35 07 Oct 20
Excellent immediate care for a laceration On my lower leg needing 4 stitches. Nurse Justin took care of the entire situation with compassion, calm and professionalism.The young woman medical assistant was totally competent, friendly and quick.

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