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Nik A.
16:16 17 Oct 21
Used to have to go to AFC because of insurance place is hands-down way better.
02:39 17 Oct 21
Barbara B.
16:53 15 Oct 21
21:57 12 Oct 21
I was taken care of in a timely manner. The entire staff was very kind and professional, also respectful of listing prices first for me before running tests since I don’t have insurance
Colleen V.
22:01 11 Oct 21
Erica H.
21:55 11 Oct 21
Awesome staff! They were quick, efficient and very personable! Definitely recommend!
Stacey M.
14:15 11 Oct 21
Tom S.
17:47 02 Oct 21
My visit was great. The staff was prompt, friendly and thorough. They effectively communicated with me about my treatment and clearly answered all my questions. I’d definitely recommend them!
Danielle C.
13:45 01 Oct 21
I had lost my voice due to allergens and throat drainage. The doctor was great and to the point. Sent me on my way with prescriptions and I’m feeling much better thank you
Mary K.
21:49 28 Sep 21
Turiya C.
15:11 28 Sep 21
20:08 26 Sep 21
Michael S.
19:17 26 Sep 21
The care was professional and top notch. Quick and efficient. I'll definitely be a return patient!
Wendy E.
16:01 26 Sep 21
Easy process for a first time patient. I was in and out easily and I actually felt listened to. Lab work was a breeze as well (which can sometimes be difficult on me) and everyone was professional. Very glad I found this urgent care nearby!
Crystal F.
17:15 25 Sep 21
Temple H.
15:31 23 Sep 21
15:03 23 Sep 21
Everything was great and I definitely recommend this facility! One thing that threw me off was the front dest receptionist who wasn't welcoming at all and had some attitude towards me. I hope she just didn't feel too happy that day but I think it's important for a receptionist to be a little bit friendlier as they are the ones who greet customers and guests. Thank you.
Adrienne P.
20:08 22 Sep 21
18:03 22 Sep 21
Troy J.
16:34 22 Sep 21
Ruth G.
16:51 21 Sep 21
Kind and thorough!
Christen V.
14:22 18 Sep 21
Clean, efficient, caring. Best kept secret in St. Pete.
Christian C.
19:03 17 Sep 21
Jeremias Y.
13:56 16 Sep 21
This guy's are the best they work great 👍 thank you guys yours awesome
Shalynn A.
13:25 16 Sep 21
Great staff, timely treatment, highly recommend
Denese F.
19:15 15 Sep 21
Stephanie H.
18:26 14 Sep 21
My experience here was fast, easy, and reasonably priced. Lots of friendly staff! I have already recommended this place to many people!
Tony W.
17:43 13 Sep 21
Kent S.
19:16 11 Sep 21
Staff was very friendly and they work with your insurance. Great service and prompt care
Randy F
19:10 10 Sep 21
This place is excellent. We could find no other appointments anywhere else, and these folks were very accomodating. Checkin was simple, easy to follow with prompts, and fast. The wait was minimal, in-car sampling, and Dustin was very pleasant , engaging and professional despite was is likely an exhausting job.thanks for getting me back to work in a hurry!
Linda G.
19:02 10 Sep 21
Excellent service, fast and professional. Even an apology from Dustin for the necessary nasal swab. Checkin is easy, confirmations no problem. Now we can fo back to work!
Paige A.
17:11 10 Sep 21
Victoria P.
14:06 09 Sep 21
Carmen L.
13:15 09 Sep 21
Excellent service, very professional and great customer service. Great communication with patients. Very kind and caring.
Simply T.
12:43 08 Sep 21
Camryn E.
17:42 06 Sep 21
Lyndy C-O (.
16:11 05 Sep 21
The Doctor was so kind & personable as well as the staff. Everything was super easy, no hassle. The Doctor diagnosed my problem accurately and expeditiously. I recommend this Urgent care without reservation.
carol D.
13:47 05 Sep 21
Francisco D.
13:21 05 Sep 21
Efficient, professional, would definitely return if I need urgent care in the future.
Stephanie S.
15:50 04 Sep 21
Donna H.
14:36 04 Sep 21
Doina R.
02:39 04 Sep 21
Very professional . Thank you so much 💗
Steve R.
01:13 04 Sep 21
Carrie R.
19:21 01 Sep 21
Truly Professional! Quick & Efficient Services; highly recommend
Paula G.
13:11 01 Sep 21
ruth A.
18:50 31 Aug 21
Professional, efficient
Andrea C.
22:37 30 Aug 21

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